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Taking lemons & making lemonade.

Challenging experiences are something we all encounter throughout our lives. What sets one person apart from the rest is how they react to each situation. While some keep sucking on the sour-bitter taste on the lemon, others make use of it and make lemonade.

About Suzie

Suzie is an accomplished writer of an award winning site, published academic author and public relations & communications professional from Ottawa, Canada. Her education and experience stem from a background of interpersonal communication, dialogue, and public relations.

She holds both a Bachelor and Master of Arts from the University of Ottawa specializing in communications and human interaction. She has also completed “coaching” training at the University of Ottawa’s Professional Development Institute as well as acquiring a Life Coaching certificate from The Achology Academy.

Her skills and knowledge have allowed her to productively take very complicated situations and make them simple. She uses her over 20 years experience helping people market themselves better online and offline by focusing on what makes them unique and stand out from the crowd.

She teaches others how to navigate each day successfully in order to accomplish their goals. Her site has evolved from single and dating advice to overall life success strategies. 

She has a special way of always bringing out the best in others and in finding the most favorable options for every difficult situation while encouraging her readers and clients to always be true to themselves and to take back their power. She brings all these skills and experience into her work with others.

Suzie has appeared frequently on various radio and television programs, as a guest speaker at trade shows, as well as several online seminars.

Suzie enjoys reading, traveling, champagne, wine, scotch, flowers, horses, crooners, opera, and museums. Always up for an adventure, she enjoy having new and exciting experiences and loves meeting new people. She lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband and young sons.

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